Voting Is Much More Than a Right

Election day has come and gone. No, it wasn’t a big presidential or gubernatorial election. In fact, there were no people being elected to any office. Instead this election was about propositions – all of which passed, but the voters in this county (the small number who voted) voiced their opinion against some of them. Those who live in Fayetteville ISD had a bond election and those opposed to it did a good job of getting out to vote. To some people, this election was very important. To others it seemed unimportant, not worth their time. I find that very sad. According to our election officials, less than 2000 people voted in Tuesday’s election in Fayette County. That is less than 20% of those who voted in the county in the presidential election last November. As Americans, we should exercise our right to vote in every election, whatever the issue – large or small. I hear excuses like, “My vote won’t make a difference” or “It’s not that big of a deal.” Really? Some of the issues may not seem important to you as an individual, but it obviously affects a large number of people or it wouldn’t be on the ballot.
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