That Pesky Monitor

In 1953 I was in the third grade attending Radhost School, a two-room school house in the rural area near Hostyn. Attendance had dwindled down somewhat as only one room of this school house was used for teaching the kids. The grades were from 1st to 8th grade with around 4 to 6 kids in each grade. One can imagine how hard it was to maintain order in that room and still teach one class at a time. In order to keep order in that room, the teacher, Mary Gau from La Grange, came up with a plan. She would designate one person from the upper class to be a “monitor” for a day. This monitor, usually a girl, to my dislike, would sit in back of the room full of kids and keep a watchful eye out for any wrongful goings on. She would look for anyone talking out of turn, sitting crooked in a desk, throwing spit balls at others and getting up from their desks without permission.


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