Sterling Memories

Sterling Memories

During my growing up years, there were no Walmarts. No K-Marts, Gibson’s, Globe’s or any other big “box” stores either and Dollar Tree and Dollar General Stores were yet to sprout at every crossroads. But we did have popular “five and dime” stores where we bargain shopped— Woolworth’s, Kress, McLellan’s, Ben Franklin and my personal favorite … Sterling Department Store.

Our nearest one was on Main Street in our county seat, Fordyce. How exciting it was for a grade school kid to see that big red sign at the top of the building read “Sterling” followed by symbols for nickels and dimes. This meant I had enough change knotted inside my “Snow White” handkerchief to make several buys. Before I tell you more, I’ll try to describe a Sterling store—though I doubt it was unlike other such places found in towns scattered across America. It’s been said that “Sterling sold everything from bobby pins to parakeets” and it is true.




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